Our Illustrator, Azer talks to BBC Azerbaijan

23-year-old artist-illustrator Azer Mammadli is engaged in graffiti for six years.
He is engaged in painting from an early age. In his school years, Azer became interested in this area when he saw graffiti in a bag of one stranger.

He demonstrated his first work of graffiti in front of the building block.

After some time he met with 'Urban Art Team', which was interested in graffiti and he called it "a positive event."

He says that he created works in more abandoned places, but recently he was doing graffiti in the city center after obtaining permission.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/azeri/azerbaijan-40582872?ocid=wazeri..social.sponsored-post.facebook.AEP-graffiti.nneed1.All.Quotation.mktg