Scouts Corporate Tie and Kalaghayi

In the lead of preparations for the biggest World Scout Conference, we have prepared a valuable gift for Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan. 
A branded Scout tie with traditional scout fleur-de-lis pattern, conference logo and Scout Kalaghayi.

Scout Kalaghayi is a traditional Azerbaijani women's headgear. Kalaghayi is a square shaped silk scarf with Special prints on it. Silk is considered to be cool in the summer and warm in winter. There are age and social differences in it’s wearing: older women wore Kalaghayi of darker colors, mostly black and dark blue, whereas younger woman opted for brighter ones, such as white, beige, bright blue etc. A Kalaghayi was tied in various ways, depending on the region. 
The Scout Kalaghayi was inspired by hand drawing created by prominent young man, a member of the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan, Roman Gojayev. Roman is 19 years old student of Azerbaijan State University of Economics, designer and talented artist. The original Roman’s drawing is aimed to show the beauty and magic mix of traditional and modern Azerbaijani culture, sharing the strong spirit of ancient times and light whispering of latest trends. 
On the Scout Kalaghayi we used such traditional patterns like Buta, shebeke, crescent and an eight-pointed star, flowers of the pomegranate and also some of Azerbaijan traditional music instruments which are Oud, Kamancheh, Tar and Saz.
The visualization and pre-production of the Scout Kalaghayi was delivered by Trade Mark Leo Burnett Azerbaijan, production was made in Italy by ”Andrew’s Ties“ from 100% organic high-quality silk in a very limited edition for your lasting memories about visiting the Land of Fire in the August 2017 for the 41st World Scout Conference.